We are pleased to announce the remaining dates / hosts for StopSO Group Supervision up to the end of 2023:

4th July – 2pm to 4pm – John Goss, StopSO Trustee 

10th August – 5pm to 7pm – Dana Braithwaite, StopSO Founder 

12th September  – 5pm to 7pm – Dr Terri Van Leeson 

17th October – 9am to 11am – Ian Richards, StopSO Trustee 

15th November – 9am to 11am – Dr Glyn Hudson Allez, StopSO Vice-Chair 

15th December – 12pm to 2pm – Trudy Hannington, StopSO Founder 

The cost per session is £25

If you wish to attend, please email: [email protected] and we will save you a space.