What to expect when you access therapy through StopSO UK.

StopSO UK has produced this document to help give you, the client, some knowledge upon entering therapy. It should be made clear, that you are not a client of StopSO UK, but of the therapist you are referred to, and as such are first and foremost bound by their contract, which they will explain to you during your first session.

If you have never had therapy before, it’s hard to know what to expect, so we have created this document after some feedback from other clients who have contacted StopSO UK.

StopSO operates an inclusive policy of acceptance of all race, sexual orientation, faiths and ethnicity groups for both clients and therapists. As part of our ethical framework, we embrace everybody affected by sexual abuse.

What do I talk about in therapy?
This is your therapy. You are in charge of the conversation, and can talk about any subject you like. If you feel you are straying off topic, it is wholly right and probably expected that you would say so, and direct the topic back to what you want to talk about. Or ask your therapist why that is happening.
Will the therapist give me advice?
Therapy is not advice giving usually. You will explore what you want to with your therapist, but the work balance should be around 80% from you, and 20% from the therapist who is helping you find your own insight and resolution.
What will I get from therapy?
The answer is fluid, but we think that therapy will help you develop an understanding of yourself, self awareness around your behaviours and triggers for those behaviours, and with that a way in which to manage your urges and impulses. You should discuss with your therapist what it is you are hoping for, and between you create realistic and appropriate goals.  StopSO therapists intend to help sex offenders, and those at risk of committing a sexual offence, to reduce and stop their acting out.
Should I bring it up?
If you are feeling confused about what is happening in your session, just ask. If you have confusing feelings about your therapist, bring it up, whatever they may be. Our therapists are highly trained and will be able to help you with those feelings. As hard as it may be, therapy is a non-judgemental space, and a therapist will be able to hear your thoughts and concerns with empathy. It’s very normal to face what may be challenging thoughts and feelings about your therapist.
What if I don’t like my assigned therapist, or I feel like it isn’t working?
Relationships with therapists break down, or never get off the ground. We can’t always get on with everyone in life, and that applies to therapy too. If you are already in established therapy with someone, again, bring it up. If you feel it isn’t working, that’s okay, and you can ask if your therapist feels the same way. If you meet a therapist for the first time, and don’t feel that it’s the right person for us, just let us know and we will help you find another one, or work out with you what it is that doesn’t feel right. Sometimes it’s as simple as you would prefer a male therapist and we’ve assigned you a female one. We will always do our best to find you the right person.
How long will it take?
This is the impossible question. It will take time. It takes a long time to get into the place clients are in when they contact us; so it makes sense that it will take time to unpick and re stitch the issues that have bought them to us. At the end of therapy we hope that clients will be in a place they are feeling more secure about their behaviour management and understanding.


Finally, sometimes therapy can be anxiety inducing, and it’s worth remembering that if you need some outside advice, we are here to help, at whatever stage in your therapy, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. Ultimately StopSO UK exists to help you manage your behaviour, and stop sexual offending, so that you don’t offend; so we would much rather you came and asked for help than leave therapy without resolution.

StopSO can be found on the Counselling Directory website