What is the aim of StopSO?
StopSO’s aim is to protect children and to reduce sexual offending in the UK.
What is your confidentiality policy?
Our organisation is committed to treating each person with compassion and respect and will keep their information confidential -as far as we are able within the terms of the law. Revealing to us that an offence has been committed does not necessarily mean we will disclose this information to the police, unless we were concerned that a specific child or vulnerable adult is at risk of harm. Our mission is to help you change your behaviour, not to punish you for it.
As someone who feels worried about my behaviour, if I ask for a referral who will contact me?
Your details will be passed to the therapist on our list that is nearest to you. They will contact you directly.
Do I, the client, pay a fee for this service?
Yes, StopSO is not funded by government so fees apply. The therapist will let you know what their hourly fee is when they make contact with you. Typical fees are £40-£100/session, London can cost more.
How do I get to therapy?
StopSO will match your needs to the nearest StopSO therapist. It is your responsibility to travel to and from therapy.
How do I know therapists are qualified to deal with my issue?
All StopSO therapists have successfully completed the StopSO approval process. To find out more on the requirements to become a StopSO therapist, click here.
How often will I need to attend therapy, and for how long?
Therapy is tailor made to your needs and the frequency of therapy will be agreed between yourself and your therapist. StopSO can provide support short, medium, or long term.
The police came, and I am on bail pending sentencing, for downloading indecent images of children?  Would a StopSO therapist see me?
Yes, StopSO therapists will help you at any stage, whether or not you are known to authorities.
Do StopSO support the use of sex dolls?
No, StopSO does not and never has supported the use of ‘sex dolls’. A previous news article on the matter was the opinion of a former StopSO member and does not represent the StopSO position on condemning the sale and use of sex dolls.