Tackling Sexual Abuse

StopSO UK is the Specialist Treatment Organisation for Perpetrators and Survivors of Sexual Offending

We work with those at risk of turning thought into action

About us

There are practically no NHS services available for people who have, or might, commit sexual offences. Access to professional support and help is limited and most therapists don’t want to work with these clients.

We believe prevention is better than cure, so StopSO provides specialist therapy across the UK to sex offenders and those who have yet to act on their ‘troubling thoughts’.

We also work with families, helping them come to terms with being related to a sex offender.

We also work with Survivors of offending, offering therapy and ongoing support.

As the Specialist Treatment Organisation for Perpetrators and Survivors of Sexual Offending, we work with those at risk of turning thought into action.

“Seeing a StopSO counsellor means having the support of someone who is impartial and non judgemental, who can help me to make the changes needed to turn my life around and make myself into a better person, making sure that my behaviour stays in the past and does not cause any more harm to other people.” - J, StopSO Client

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Request Help

StopSO aims to prevent harmful sexual behaviour through therapy. Anyone who is concerned about their thoughts or behaviour, or knows someone who is acting inappropriately, can ask for our help.

Thanks to The National Lottery, we have some funding available, please click here for more details.

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Survivors and Victims of Sexual Abuse

StopSO helps survivors and victims of sexual abuse. Therapy can help to heal and thrive beyond trauma and shame.

Thanks to Tesco Bags of Help, we have some funding available.

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Support us

StopSO is a charity. We rely on funding from public and private sources to provide a vital service and prevent sexual abuse. If you would like to help StopSO financially, you can make a donation right here. Alternatively, please contact us for further information on how you can help.



If you’re an experienced therapist and willing to work with our client group, we’re keen to hear from you. You don’t need direct experience in this area as we can provide specialist training. You can also contact us if you would like to refer a client.

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Anyone can attend our training which takes place in venues across the UK. We offer an early bird booking discount when training is booked more than two months in advance.

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StopSO Diversity

StopSO operates an inclusive policy of acceptance of all race, sexual orientation, faiths and ethnicity groups for both clients and therapists. As part of our ethical framework, we embrace everybody affected by sexual abuse.

Is therapy for you?

Therapy may be suitable for you when:

  • Your thoughts are worrying and you need help dealing with them
  • You worry that your behaviour may escalate
  • You feel on the brink of committing a sexual offence
  • Other people maybe at risk
  • You are suffering from stress, low self-esteem, depression or isolation
  • You are abusing alcohol and/or drugs in an attempt to cope
"It was such a relief to find StopSO, and to finally have a place to talk about my attraction. I’ve been on the edge of suicide many times in the last few years.

Since starting therapy, I feel so much stronger and more able to cope. I now realise attraction and action are different, and so I am much safer now around children, and I have strategies to get out of difficult situations. I have even been able to tell one of my friends, who has children, so he now understands why I don't visit him when the children are there. That conversation went ok, thanks to StopSO” - B, StopSO Client

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