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Dr Glyn Hudson-Allez

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How often do illegal teacher pupil relationships occur
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Audio Files and Documentaries

Audio File by John Bell, on BBC’s ‘Thought For The Day’. 21/02/2018

‘If I were to ask you to complete the phrase ‘Silence is’, which adjective would come to mind?  Silence is – golden, rare, frightening, welcome, mysterious, necessary?  There can be few entities which have almost as many negative as positive associations.
Most religions regard silence as an aid to spiritual awareness, an ambiance in which divine insight or inspiration might be gained. The life of Jesus begins in silence – there are no trumpets blaring, bells ringing or town criers celebrating his birth. And during his trial he meets the protestations of his accusers and the interrogation of his judge with silence.
But it would be wrong to associate silence primarily with holiness when there are more pernicious resonances which have to be attended to….as when people counsel themselves or others to ‘keep quiet’ about something which needs to be articulated.
There’s possibly no more significant silence at the moment than that which surrounds the issue of child sex abuse which affects one in 20 children in Britain and which – according to a recent NSPCC report – appears to be on the increase with an incident happening every eight minutes.
For a long while abused children were compelled to be silent, out of fear or a lack of vocabulary. That is changing. But as the recent trial of Barry Bennell suggested, his predatory exploits which involved innumerable young boys (and therefore thousands of instances) must have flourished because people associated with him in the football world kept quiet.
The children who survived had no voice or credibility; but others who may have known what was going on could have prevented unspeakable misery. I hope that these people feel both relieved at his imprisonment and guilty for failing to expose him… guilty not as an end in itself, but as a goad to prevent them ever being silent again should they be aware of similar abuse.
But there is another silence which is much more difficult to speak of. This is the silence of those who know they have a strong impulse to engage sexually with children, but will not articulate this for fear of prosecution. Child protection measures and stiffer sentences are insufficient deterrents for such individuals who I believe were made in God’s image. They need the best therapy – much rarer to come by than instant condemnation – in order that they can fulfil rather than pervert their humanity, and so that children can be safe.”

Child Sex Abuse: Audio File
– By John Bell, on BBC’s ‘Thought For The Day’.  He wonders about: “… how we deal with abusers and potential abusers. From my contact with one, a penitent, who is serving a long prison sentence, it seems odd that after five years he is yet to have any counselling or therapy. Containment alone does not decrease desire.  But what of those who are aware of this malign tendency within them? What of those who have never offended, but feel sexually attracted to children, and know that if they confide this to a doctor, a social worker, a counsellor or priest their names as potential offenders may be passed onto the police? What do we do for the men – for it is mostly men – who as fathers, step-fathers, uncles, lovers are aware of a destructive passion within them? I wish there were a verse in the Bible which provided the answer. But there is none. The nearest I can find is the occasion on which Jesus recognised the complexity of sexual offences and refused to give in to angry men who were keen to stone to death a woman caught in the act of adultery.  Maybe today someone will think constructively of how to prevent offending. Maybe today a potential abuser will say no.”

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Films and Documentaries

The Paedophile Next Door A Documentary on All 4