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You Hurt The Ones You Love The Most.

Could This Be You?

Take It From One Who Knows.

As A Mother I Feel I Have Failed.


Sex Offenders, Pornography and the Workplace by Juliet Grayson, Chairperson of StopSO.

Can you stop a paedophile before they even start?
A BBC News website article, by Dominic Hurst

Back to the Root: Healing Potential Sex Offender’s Childhood Trauma with Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor – By Juliet Grayson.
A chapter originally published in a book called Sexual Diversity and Sexual Offending: Research, Assessment and Clinical Treatment, edited by Glyn Hudson Allez, published by Karnac in 2014. Reprinted with their kind permission.

Can treatment be effective with sexual offenders or does it do harm? A response to Hanson(2010) and Rice (2010)
– W. L. Marshall & L. E. Marshall

Treatment of Sexual Offenders and it’s Effects
– By William. L. Marshall, Ph.D., FRSC*

An integrated theory of sexual offending
– by Tony Ward and Anthony Beech.

Paedophilia is a Treatable Illness
– An article by Max Pemberton in The Independent.

‘Teachers and social workers miss chances to stop sex offending in boys’
By Alan Travis

How often do illegal teacher pupil relationships occur
An article from the BBC

Pure OCD – An article from The Guardian.
This article describes living with obsessive thoughts about sex including paedophilia

An Overview of Sexual Offending in England and Wales 2013 Sexual Abuse
– A Journal of Research and Treatment (Vol. 14, No. 2) in 2002.

An article about sex offenders in Florida, USA

Lost Memory Of Skin
A novel by Russel Banks

Would you be willing to befriend a sex offender?

Do Pedophiles deserve sympathy?
– By James Cantor

How often do illegal teacher pupil relationships occur
– An article from the BBC

As the Savile scandal shows, ignorance of paedophilia harms efforts to tackle it
– Article in The Guardian: By Mark Solms

On Pedophiles Without Prejudice
– Discussion with Veronika Lišková concerning her feature length-debut, Daniel’s World

Protect children from internet pornography, report demands
– Article in The Guardian

Black and Minority Sex Offenders

Zurich introduces “drive-in” sex
– Article in BBC

Tougher sex offender restrictions sought by campaigners
– Article in BBC

Hundreds of teachers accused of sex with pupils, figures show
– Article in BBC

Could a child sex robot be used to treat paedophilia
– Article in BBC

Audio Files and Documentaries

Child Sex Abuse: Audio File
– By John Bell, on BBC’s ‘Thought For The Day’.

Analysing the child sex offender
– BBC.

Rehabilitating Sex Offenders
– A BBC Programme about Circles of Support and Accountability.

How Germany is taking a radical approach to curb paedophilia

Rehabilitating Sex Offenders
– A BBC Radio programme.

Circles of Support and Accountability from a volunteers perspective
– From BBC radio 5.

Living with paedophilia and choosing never to act on those desires

My Partner Abused My Child
– BBC Radio 4.

Married to a sex offender
– BBC Radio 4.

Films and Documentaries

The Paedophile Next Door A Documentary on All 4