Saturday 20th February 2021

StopSO is now offering a one day awareness raising online training day in relation to Child Protection and the Hidden Victims of Harmful Sexual Behaviours and Offending.

The training will be delivered remotely over Zoom and places are very limited

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Workshop Description

This one day course is being facilitated by a front line Child Protection Social Worker and is essential to those working with individuals who pose a sexual risk to others. The course will cover the process of investigation by both Police and Children’s Social Care, the rationale behind safeguarding decision making regarding contact between offending parents and children and the underpinning Legislative Framework for practice.

The course will raise awareness around the hidden victims of both contact and non-contact abuse and the potential “re-victimisation” by authorities of those who have survived abuse in their lives that follow. Case study examples will ascertain views of risk and safety and give insight into the exploitation in adulthood that often stems from childhood abuse.

The day will conclude with a look at a group / one to one trauma programme designed to move survivors forward in their lives and how this can be applied in a Therapeutic environment.

Training Schedule

Delivered in two, three hour slots via Zoom:

10am – 1pm and then 2pm – 5pm

6 hours total

Terms and Conditions

Cancellations made less than 21 days before the start date will be charged in full. Any refunds will incur a 12% administration charge.Where we cancel, we will refund your full fee, however we will not be liable for any expenses incurred.