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1-to-1 Therapy programme for managing sexual risk

StopSO is offering an exciting new online three-day training for counsellors, therapists and other practitioners in how to deliver COFRA 121, a therapeutic rehabilitation programme to help men manage sexual risk and to live more pro-social, satisfying lives. COFRA 121 consists of sixteen 90-minute sessions, is evidence-informed and brings together compassionate mindfulness, CBT and strengths-focused approaches. COFRA 121 offers a structured, yet flexible, easy to follow way of working with contact and internet offenders and those who have not offended but who may be at risk of doing so, or those who are displaying problematic sexual behaviour. The training will be delivered by the author of COFRA 121, Dr Andrew Smith.

The first two training courses will be delivered online, via zoom (see below for dates). The COFRA 121 programme manual (featuring a practitioner pack and a resource pack) will be emailed to you beforehand, as the training takes you through each session and explains how to facilitate areas of therapeutic exploration and exercises with clients, including exploring issues and challenges which may arise in actual practice. The resource pack consists of explanatory material and exercises for each of the 16 sessions, that you can photocopy and use with clients, at your discretion.

During the current Covid 19 crisis, practitioners can, if necessary, deliver COFRA 121 to clients via video link as course information and exercises can be emailed to the client before each session.

The training course is available to individuals with a recognised therapy/counselling diploma, who have significant experience of working with this client group, or who work for relevant agencies.

For attendees with a recognised therapy/counselling diploma, successful completion of the course will allow them to apply to go on the list of StopSO therapists and receive referrals (assuming other membership criteria is met).

The training schedule is as follows:

Day 1

11am-1pm – introduction to COFRA 121, and treatment principles about how to work with men posing a sexual risk

2pm-4pm – How to facilitate sessions, 1, 2, 3 and 4 (including legal and confidentiality issues)

Day 2

11am-1pm – How to facilitate sessions 5, 6, 7, and 8

2pm-4pm – How to facilitate sessions 9, 10, 11, and 12

Day 3

11am-1pm – How to facilitate sessions 13, 14, 15 and 16

2pm-5pm – How to extend the programme into longer-term therapy and plenary

The first training course will take place over the following three days:

Cost of the full 3 days training – £325

Plus full programme manual, including reusable resource pack

(A one-off price will be offered to organisations wanting to purchase the training for staff teams)

For further information or to book your place, please contact:  [email protected]


Please check our terms and conditions for cancellation information.

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