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Date: 29/03/2019 at 9:30am
End date: 29/03/2019 at 4:00pm
Trainer: Dr Andrew Smith

Workshop Description

Some individuals who pose a sexual risk have little insight or empathy with others, or else have periods when this is the case. These client groups, sometimes with difficult to shift paraphilias, are demanding to work with, leaving counsellors and other practitioners feeling deskilled.  Such clients may be in a supportive living context, or living in the community but without the skills to straightforwardly develop healthy social and sexual relationships. A strengths-based perspective is applied to work with such individuals, the exploration of which is designed to help clarify what is likely and unlikely to be achieved with such individuals, whilst maintaining hope and meaning in the therapeutic process.

The training day has been designed to help counsellors engage with the above client group, focusing on the following:

  • Research findings about sexual offending and the above client groups in question, including prevalence and risk issues
  • A strengths–focused perspective on diagnostic categories
  • Working systemically with clients within
  • Institutional contexts
  • Community contexts
  • Family contexts
  • The importance of small steps and valuing each encounter
  • Enduring paraphilias within these client groups
  • How to maintain hope and enhance tolerance in the face of restrictions and constraints (for both counsellor and clients)
  • Are you a counsellor or an advocate or both?
  • Working with the ‘Good Lives Model’ with the client groups in question
  • Safety and New Life planning
  • Measuring progress

The day will include Powerpoint presentation, large and small group discussions, case study work