StopSO promotes the following core conditions as fundamental to competent and ethical practice. At all times, whether working with clients seeking help with their sexual offending, those at risk of offending behaviour, or their families, StopSO members will:

– Ensure their clients are fully aware of their confidentiality policy
– Undertake sufficient training to work with this client group
– Access 16 hours CPD per annum, of which 5 hours face-to-face will be specific to working with this client group
– At all times be respectful, non judgemental, and maintain appropriate boundaries
– Not abuse or exploit their clients
– Work with equality and diversity issues and be respectful of all clients
– Avoid any behaviour or action likely to bring StopSO into disrepute
– Ensure that all literature available to public is accurate
– Ensure they are fit to practice
– Ensure that they undertake regular supervision and specialist supervision where needed
– Maintain adequate professional indemnity insurance (minimum of £2 million) that covers    work with sexual offenders.
– Ensure the client work takes place in an appropriate setting
– Ensure that a comprehensive assessment has been undertaken
– Be registered with a recognised psychotherapy or counselling body (E.g. UKCP, BACP, COSRT)
– Any complaint made by a client regarding a StopSO therapist will be referred to the therapists recognised body (as above)
– Ensure that client is clear about charges, timing, note-taking and cancellation policy
– Take responsibility for appropriate storage of notes, and data protection
– Adhere to all legal requirements for the UK
– Not have been the subject of an alleged complaint or had a complaint upheld against them (StopSO must be informed of any past complaints)

StopSO reserves the right to remove the name of any practitioner who does not supply satisfactory evidence of qualifications, CPD, etc for their annual registration
StopSO reserves the right to audit any member to check their compliance with these guidelines.

Termination of Membership

Where a member has brought StopSO or the profession into disrepute, or misrepresented themselves in terms of training and /or experience, StopSO reserves the right to terminate membership and offer no refund of membership fees. StopSO cannot bring sanctions against members other than by terminating membership. However where a serious breach of membership is alleged the trustees may consider it necessary to make a disclosure to the members professional organisation.