StopSO is an independent national group of professionals including psychologists, psychotherapists and doctors. We treat people who behave in a sexually inappropriate manner and are at risk of sexual offending or re-offending. We also offer support for their families.

This is a new organisation and we are in the process of building our networks.

Following contact with StopSO we will contact a suitable therapist, and ask them to contact you directly. You will then negotiate the fee for the session, venue, and all details directly with them. At present we do not have funding to help you pay for this, so you will need to be able to pay for your therapy.

Suitable for you when:

* You feel your behaviour is escalating or out of control
* This behaviour may be impacting on relationships, family and work
* You may feel on the verge of losing everything
* Other people may be at risk
* You may feel on the brink of acting out or at risk of committing a sexual offence
* Alcohol, drugs or other addictive behaviours may be increasing in an attempt to cope
* You suffer stress, low self-esteem, depression or isolation
* You may be a man, or a woman, adult or adolescent
* You may know someone who is acting inappropriately

Our aim is to prevent damage and protect society.
You may be:

* at risk of offending or are fearful of re-offending
* concerned about behaviour in the real or online world
* cautioned, charged with, or convicted of sexual offences
* concerned about your partner’s or family member’s inappropriate behaviour

You can access this private sector service via the website or telephone 07473 299883. You may want to be seen on your own, you may prefer to bring your partner with you. We work with individuals and couples. Your partner can be seen separately by another therapist if that is helpful. We promote effective treatment and education.

StopSO is a not for profit organistion

Please raise awareness of this service.