Date: 30th April 2018
StopSO commissioned a variety of articles, some of which were used in a special section in the New Psychotherapist.    If you would like to read all of the commissioned articles in full, please click here, where you will read Juliet Grayson’s introduction, and be able to download all of the articles..  To see them in the New Psychotherapist click here, and see Edition 68 Spring 2018 pages 34-46

Date: 22nd June 2017

Viewing Child Abuse Images: Paedophile or Addicted to Porn? An online article in written by Julie Newberry

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Date: 18th April 2017

What to Tell the Children?   and
Explaining a Surname Change to Children.   Written for StopSO by Lucinda Neall

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Date: 6th April 2017

A Big Dose of Hope by Tabitha Abel: An account by the wife of a non-offending paedophile.

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Date: Feb 2017

VirPed have set up a chat forum aimed at (1) all non-offending paedophiles but especially those aged 13 – 18 who are too young to access the main VirPed site, (2) those who are feeling suicidal.

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Date: 25th August 2016

Finding Children Sexually Attractive by Dr. Sarah Goode: This booklet is for anyone who finds that they are sexually attracted to children. In it, people talk in their own words about their own experiences and provide advice on how to handle this situation.

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Date: 22nd April 2016

BBC World: Secret Lives

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Date: 13th April 2016 A coming out that has to remain a secret

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Date: 21st October 2015 Therapy for Paedophiles, the Way Forward by Patricia Hoare

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