For the protection of my victims and those who know me I have to remain anonymous.

I was a middle-aged, well-educated, intelligent and likeable man with a good well-paid job I enjoyed. I was in a long-term stable relationship and had a good stable family background. I have never suffered any form of sexual or violent abuse.

In spite of this I nevertheless suffered desires to masturbate excessively from early childhood. I also started at a very early age exposing myself to schoolgirls.

This practice continued throughout my adult life, despite my best attempts to stop. I had the misfortune to work near a girls school and this led to me being arrested and convicted for exposing a flaccid penis to schoolgirls. I never sought contact, never performed any sexual act and did not attempt to groom my victims in any way.

I had never previously been arrested and despite frequent attempts to find assistance I had received no help with my problem until I discovered stopSO recently.

My parents and wife remained ignorant of my activities until I was arrested.

I was arrested on my way to work and spent 12 hours in a police cell, during which time I was not able to contact anybody. So as far as my boss was concerned I was AWOL. During this time my wife suddenly had a bunch of police officers on her doorstep late at night, her computer was confiscated and held for months, this was the first she knew of what had happened.

I pleaded guilty and was sentenced for what, at the time, the police believed to be an isolated incident. I have since voluntarily disclosed other incidents. My sentence for this single incident was to attend a 3 year group therapy programme, serve a 3 year community supervision order, sign the register for 5 years and have my movements restricted for an indefinite term, in other words the rest of my life.

As a direct consequence of my actions I lost my job, my home, my income, my wife and was forced to move back in with my parents.

I read the victims statements and realised the damage I had done and I live with that knowledge every day.

Many years later I have long since completed my sentence and have not re-offended, but I have never managed to find meaningful work again and now earn less than I did in my very first job. I am still subject to restrictions and will always be required to disclose my offence. I cannot get any form of insurance.

I tell you this not to elicit any sympathy, but just in the hope that if you have any unwanted desires, and if you don’t why are you on this site? you will approach this organisation for help before you hurt yourself and others.

This organisation makes no judgements and is supportive and helpful and if you are able to gain control and live a good life it will be far easier than if you wait until you are caught. I sadly got away with my behaviour for many years, rest assured, if you proceed you will be caught, convicted and lose everything that matters to you. Take it from one who knows.

Please stop now before it is too late.