Feedback for Treatment Interventions with Dr Andrew Smith:

“The course was thought provoking and it helped to feel some compassion for this client group and reminded me that, its not always about the presenting issue its about a clients willingness to change. “
– Maria, Therapist.

“A great day to explore my emotions and internalised prejudices to allow me to comprehend the challenges ahead.”
– Ian Baker, Psychosexual Therapist .

“An essential preparation for anyone wanting to work with this client group.”
– John Evans, Counsellor.

“Even if working with this kind of client is not what you intend to do it is truly worthwhile doing the training to increase knowledge and awareness. We have no way of know who will come into the therapy room and we could easily be presented with these issues.”
– Maggie Davies, Relationship Counsellor and Psychosexual Therapist.

“A very good introduction to working with this client base.”
– Cathryn Smith, Relate Couple/Family/Psychosexual and sex Addiction Therapist.

“Without this training day, my work with this client group felt amatuerish. This day has given me confidence with new and different options ‘of treatment’ dependant on each individual clients’ needs.”
– Karen, Counsellor, Psychosexual Therapist & Trainee Supervisor.

“A ‘must have’ for like minded people who want to break the taboo around discussing or dealing with abuse.”
– Sharon Baxter – Resource Worker with CSC.

“The paperwork that accompanied the course will be very helpful to direct my work with clients. I found the course informative and aimed at the correct level to inspire engagement of everyone.”
– Resource Worker.