Tesco Bags of Help

Bags of Help is Tesco’s exciting local community grant scheme where the money raised from plastic carrier bag sales is being used to fund thousands of local projects in communities right across the UK. You can vote for StopSO UK at the following stores to win an award of up to £4000. Ask for a blue token at the checkout and drop it into the StopSO UK box.

Beccles, Suffolk

5123    Beccles NR34 9QH        Superstore
6515    SOUTHWLD Queen Street   IP18 6EQ     Express

Poole, Dorset

399      BOURNEMOUTH        BH2 6DT Metro
5316    BOURNMTH RD POOLE    BH14 9HR        Express
2111    BROADSTONE POOLE     BH18 8BP        Express
3124    LILLIPUT POOLE      BH14 8HA        Express
5072    LYTCHETT POOLE      BH16 6BQ        Express
5075    PARKSTONE POOLE      BH12 4HU        Express
3047    Poole 4 Branksome       BH12 1AU        Superstore
3058    POOLE FERNSIDE RD    BH15 2EW        Express
3040    Poole Fleet     BH17 7EJ.       Extra
6136    POOLE QUAY   BH15 1LF        Express
6789    POOLE RINGWOOD RD EXP   BH12 3LY        Express
3036    Poole Tower Park        BH12 4NX.       Extra
6660    POOLE WALSDWN RD     BH12 5BU        Express
6618    SANDBANKS     BH13 7PW        Express

Hastings, Sussex

2177    BATTLE   TN33 0BN        Express
2531    FERNSIDE STLEONRD    TN38 0UU        Express
5601    Hastings        TN38 9RB      Extra
5863    HASTINGS LACUNA      TN34 1BP        Express
4619    HASTINGS LITTLE RIDGE AVE       TN37 7LR        Express
6827    HASTINGS OLD LNDN    TN35 5BH        Express


2890    WARMINGHAM MDLWCH    CW10 0DJ        Express
5066    WHEELOCK ST MDWCH   CW10 9AG        Express
2943    Northwich       CW9 5LY SS
6282    NORTHWICH CHST RD    CW8 1HA Express
3271    NORTHWICH REGENCY    CW9 8UW Express
3363    WEAVERHAM       CW8 3EU Express
6470    WINSFORD DELAMERE    CW7 2RD Express

Chepstow, Monmouthshire

2403    BULWARK CHEPSTOW     NP16 5TY        Express
2269    Chepstow        NP16 5PB        Superstores