Application for StopSO Supervisor

To supervise StopSO therapists who are working with sex offenders, please complete the application below in full.

In addition, please email a scan of the following documents to :

  • CPD certificates
  • Liability Insurance policy (> £2 million)
  • DBS certificate

The application process will take up to 3 months.

NB please fill in a separate form AS WELL if you would like to work directly with this client group, as well as offer supervision

e.g. Please not postcode e.g. NP177HZ Monmouthshire and KT26LG London

If you are not yet trained, skip this question

If yes, please note the lowest amount you would charge

N.B. For working in the field of forensic therapy and sexual offending

NB this must cover you for your work as a supervisor, as well as for therapy

Name, email, phone, address and qualifications

Name, contact details, and a note about how they know your work

Name, email, phone, address and qualifications