As at the end of September 2017, over 1,000 people have asked StopSO for help.

StopSO has an online questionnaire that people who have committed a sexual offence fill in.  One hundred and sixty people had filled it in.  The average age of those filling it in was 26-35 years old.

Before contacting StopSO 59% of people had tried to seek help for their sexual problems


25% of these people had asked their GP for help, and 36% had asked a general counsellor or psychotherapist for help, and 6% had asked a counsellor or psychotherapist who specialised in working with people who have committed a sexual offence

34% of the respondents said that, before they approached StopSO, although they had asked for help it had not been forthcoming

74% of the respondents knew they had a problem with their sexual thinking or behaviour by the time they were 25 years old (11% knew between ages 0-10, 40% between 11-16, 23% between 17-25 years old)

66%  were struggling with issues connected to a sexual offence against a child or children


17th October 2017