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Date: 24th March: Newspaper Article

In the Northern Echo, an article by Stuart Arnold.  “North-East sex therapist Carol Featherstone talks about her work with child porn addicts.”
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Date: 6th March: Online Newspaper Article

i News online Interview by Serina Sandhu.  “The therapist who treats paedophiles and the compassion she feels.”   Juliet Grayson listens to stories that many seasoned therapists would find challenging. Her role is to provide counselling to people who have been convicted of child abuse but want to be rehabilitated.
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Date: 6th March 2017: Article

Article written by Juliet Grayson, “Thoughts on mandatory reporting” UKCP Issue 65, Spring 2017. At the end of last year the government held a consultation called “Reporting and acting on child abuse and neglect” to investigate mandatory reporting and a duty to act for professionals.
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Date: 6th March 2017: Online Newspaper Article

Article published on 6 march 2017 in The Sun Online by Brittany Vonow.  “Juliet Grayson said it was better to prevent a paedophile from acting than shaming them or locking them up.”
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**Date 2nd March 2017: Radio

BBC Radio Gloucestershire.  Gemma Dunsten introduces a StopSO therapist who lives in Gloucestershire, who talks about the importance of prevention.  Then Juliet Grayson talks to Mark Cummings about StopSO’s work in Gloucestershire.  Twenty-eight people in the West and 11 from Gloucestershire, have sought help from StopSO to remain (or become) law abiding. 9 minutes


Date: 2nd March 2017: Online Article

StopSO therapist is interviewed by  “Paedophiles need help, not just jail for their ‘afflication’, says Devon expert”
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**Date: 28th February 2017: Television

BBC 2 Victoria Derbyshire
Juliet Grayson talks to Victoria Derbyshire about Chief Constable Simon Bailey’s comment that people who view indecent images of children should not be prosecuted unless they pose a physical threat to children.  Victoria’s other guest is Nigel O’Mara, a survivor of sexual abuse 8 minutes
click here to watch The interview starts approx 1 hour 21 mins into the programme.  It is available until March 27th 2017

**Date: 28th February 2017: Radio

Radio 5 live
Juliet Grayson & Jim Gamble, former chief executive of CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) on the Phil Williams show on BBC Radio 5 Live.  They discuss offering paedophile help to remain law abiding. 21 minutes

**Date: 28th February 2017: Radio


BBC Radio 4 PM Programme
5 minute conversation with Eddie Mair that describes how StopSO works, and talks about the fact that this could be your son or your daughter.

**Date: 28th February 2017: Radio & Phone In

Three Counties Radio
Juliet Grayson tells Jonathan Vernon-Smith that there is not space to lock up all the child molesters – since the National Crime Agency said there are 750,000 men in Britain with a sexual attraction to children, and only 86,000 people in prison in total (including murderers, robbers and sexual offenders etc). StopSO can help paedophiles to remain law abiding. 17 minutes

This is the rest of the phone-in on this Three Counties Radio programme (that starts after the interview with Juliet)


Date: 28th February 2017: Radio

LBC Radio
Juliet Grayson talks to NIck Ferrari about giving therapy to sex offenders, and the difference between a paedophile and a child molester. StopSO offers paedophiles help. 10 minutes


Date: 28th February 2017: Online Newspaper Article

An article published on 28th February 2017 in the Guardian online. “To stop paedophiles, we need to help them. But no one wants to hear that.” By Deborah Orr
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***Date: 17th Feb 2017: TV (Online) and Article

Article and online video: RTV    UK Charity Preventing Paedophiles From Abusing Facing Closure
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**Date: 15th Feb 2017: Newspaper Article including short video

“British charity preventing paedophiles from abusing children faces closure after ‘funding crisis'” in the Sunday Express.
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**Date: February 2017: Online Article

Paedophiles need help, not just condemnation. I should know.  Featuring Jack Dawson
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Date : February 2017: Magazine article

Fundraising Magazine : Gritty causes need funds just as much as cancer, kids and kittens, says Juliet Grayson, but its a tough act
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Date: 19th January 2017: Magazine article

Pick Me Up Magazine: “Hot Topic: Can you cure a paedophile.”  Sex offenders are being offered ‘treatment’ to stop them offending.  But will it work and should they receive it?
can you cure a paedophile Pick Me Up
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Date: 13 October 2016: Radio

Radio 5 Live: Five Live Breakfast: Juliet Grayson Chair of StopSO responds to the comment by Simon Bailey, Chief Constable of Norfolk Police who says there are at least 100,000 people who regularly view obscene images of children, and the police can no longer cope with this “We don’t have the capacity to be able to target those who pose a lesser threat.”  Less than 5 minutes.

**Date: 18 September 2016: Online Blog Article

The Huffington Post: Juliet Grayson, Chair of StopSO.  He is a paedophile, but that doesn’t make him a child molester!
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**Date: 26th August 2016: Online Blog Article

The Huffington Post : Juliet Grayson, Chair of StopSO.  Preventing child abuse, how to prevent the first crime from happening
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**Date: 12th April 2015: Online Blog Article

Huffington Post by Dr Sarah Goode: Chemical castration – or Compassion for Paedophiles?
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**Date: 24th February 2016: Newspaper Article

The Independent : The man whose brain tumour ‘turned him into a paedophile’
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Date: 11th December 2015: Article

InterCardiff: StopSO UK, An organisation’s efforts towards nipping paedophilia in the bud.
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**Date: 15th November 2015: Radio

BBC Radio Wales: Eye on Wales: Treating Paedophiles programme includes StopSO and interview with Juliet Grayson.
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Date: 14th November 2015: Radio

BBC Radio Wales: Good Morning Wales: piece about the issue of child sexual offending, StopSO and the need for more finances:
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Then later the same morning, a live interview with Juliet Grayson:
Click here to listen. (7 1/2minutes)

Date: 13th October 2015: Radio

Radio 5 live daily 33 minute interview with Adrian Chiles Adrian Chiles mentions the ground breaking video campaign that has been launched. He discussed this with BBC Correspondent Angus Crawford. Later he talks to a non offending paedophile from USA, abused aged 7, who realised aged 12 that he had a different attraction to others. At first he tried to deny he was a paedophile. Now he has a clear distinction between his desires and his actions. Then he talks to Dr Sarah Goode from StopSO and Jim Gamble, former head of Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.
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Date: 12th October 2015: Radio

A mother was concerned about the behaviour of a man in a public swimming pool Vic Minnett talking to Dr Sarah Goode, acting CEO of StopSO on BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire.
Click here to listen. (14 minutes)

Date: 12th October 2015: Radio

Karen Patterson talks to Dr Sarah Goode about the Stop It Now video campaign. BBC Radio Ulster. Click here to listen (6 minutes)

Date: 21st July 2015: Radio

Juliet Grayson, Chair of StopSO, gives an interview to Radio Ireland – programme Today with Sean O’Rourke about Paedophilia.

Berlin-based BBC journalist Damien McGuiness joined Keelin Shanley to discuss Dunkelfeld and also joining Keeling was psychotherapist Juliet Grayson, the co-founder of STOPSO, the Specialist Treatment Organisation of the Prevention of Sexual Offending in the UK. Click here to listen (17 minutes)

**Date: July 18th 2015: Radio

Juliet Grayson, Chair of StopSO gives an interview to BBC Radio 4’s programme IPM which includes the issue of the proposed mandatory reporting, suggesting that therapists should be excluded from mandatory reporting, as a child protection issue. To report or not to report? A listener’s dilemma when counselling paedophiles. Presented by Jennifer Tracey on 18 July 2015. Click here to listen (14 minutes)

Date: July 14th 2015: Article

An article in the Independent about Project Prevention Dunkelfeld, and towards the end they mention the impact of mandatory reporting in the UK In Germany they treat Paedophiles as victims, not offenders.Click here to read.

Date: July 13th 2015 After PM interview: Press Release

Press release: Therapists fear mandatory reporting will stop paedophiles seeking help

***Date: July 13th 2015: Radio 

A StopSO client who received subsidised therapy was very grateful for the help given. He decided to call Radio 4’s programme PM to talk about the benefits he had gained. They talk about Prevention Project Dunkelfeld, the German initiative for working with Paedophiles 13th July 2015 PM Radio 4. Click here to listen (17 minutes)

**Date: June 2015: Article

Juliet Grayson’s article Working with people who commit sexual offences, and their families, which looks at some legal and ethical implications of working with this client group and confidentiality. There is also a quiz Know Your Law on page 13. The Psychotherapist Issue 60 Summer 2015 Pages 11-13

**Date: June 2015: Article

Andrew Smith’s article in June copy of Therapy Today about Working with Sex Offenders, for therapists. Volume 26 Issue 5 June 2015 Page 10-14

Date: March 2015: Letter

Letter in The Psychologist by Juliet Grayson about the law in the UK relating to therapists and counsellors working with sex offenders.

Date: 2nd February 2015: Newspaper

Gwent PCC cash used to fund therapy for child sex abusers

Date: 28th January 2015: Newspaper

£5,500 police grant to stop sex offenders

Date: 16th January 2015: Newspaper

PCC funds project to help stop child sexual abuse Argus Comment on the PCC Grant

Date: 14 January 2015: Press Release

Cash seized from criminals will help stop child sexual abuse Police and Crime Commissioner, Ian Johnston, said: “Since being elected into office I have focussed strongly on working with numerous partners in the community such as StopSO on tackling crime and its root causes. Projects such as this one, which have rehabilitative qualities at their core, play a vital role in supporting offenders to break free from the cycle of reoffending. It’s important to note that every £1 invested in interventions saves £33 in tackling crime overall and these partnerships and initiatives which I fund and support assist me in developing approaches which ensure people in Gwent are less affected by crime.”

Date: 8th December 2014

Psychological help for paedophiles reduces the numbers who go on to abuse children