Anonymous Research Questionnaire: Sexually Inappropriate Behavior

We want as many people as possible to fill in this questionnaire.  This form will take about 8 minutes to fill in. Thank you for taking the time. We are studying people who act out sexually in an inappropriate way, and worry about committing, or have committed an illegal sexual act(s). This survey is entirely anonymous, confidential and no personal information will be shared. Our aim is to use the information to demonstrate a need for more therapeutic help for those at risk of committing a sexual offence, or reoffending. The questionnaire is anonymous.


Very Low

Very High

Do not include the help StopSo is giving you in this answer. Instead think about how easy it was when you approached other people/agencies, to find the help that you needed

Very easy


Very unhelpful

Very helpful

check out and

Not at all honest

Completely honest