Specialist Treatment Organisation for the Prevention of Sexual Offending

StopSO UK : Specialist Treatment Organisation for the Prevention of Sexual Offending is an organisation that works with those at risk of sexual offending or reoffending, to enable them to stop acting out, thus reducing the risk to society and lessening the number of victims. We are also work with the families of sex offenders, who also have to come to terms with being related to a sex offender.

Sex offenders are often treated as the lowest of the low in our modern society. It is very hard for this client group to be able to access professional support and help. Practically no NHS services are available for this group. Most therapists do not want to work with these clients. At StopSO UK we want to enable sex offenders, or those who are acting out sexually, and those who have not acted out but have ‘troubling thoughts’ to be able to access experienced willing & able therapists.  Many sex offenders contact us by searching for ‘sex offender help’ in their search engine, which brings up the StopSO website.

Therapy may be suit suitable for you when:

  • You feel your behaviour is escalating or out of control
  • This behaviour may be impacting on relationships, family and work
  • You may feel on the verge of losing everything
  • Other people may be at risk
  • You may feel on the brink of acting out or at risk of committing a sexual offence
  • Alcohol, drugs or other addictive behaviours may be increasing in an attempt to cope
  • You suffer stress, low self-esteem, depression or isolation
  • You may be a man, or a woman, adult or adolescent
  • You may know someone who is acting inappropriately

Request Help

We want therapists, psychologists and doctors (and anyone else who is a professional in this field) who are willing and able to work with those who have committed a sexual offence (or are at risk of committing one) to join our network. Our aim is to make it easy for this client group to access therapeutic support for themselves and for their families.

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StopSO UK is a not for profit organisation. We rely on funding from various sources, whether public or private to keep running. We believe StopSO UK provides a vital service in preventing sexual offences, and as such need funding to continue that work.

If you would like to help StopSO UK financially, you can donate here:

Otherwise please contact us for further information or ways in which you might be able to help.